Introduction to Ayurveda & Abhyanga Workshop

Introduction to Ayurveda & Abhyanga Workshop


Date: Monday, May 27th
Time: 12:30-2:30

Ayurveda is a profound science of living that encompasses the whole of life and relates the life of the individual to the life of the universe. It is a holistic system of healing in the truest sense. Body, mind and consciousness are in constant interaction and relationship with other people and the environment. In working to create health, Ayurveda takes into consideration these different levels of life and their interconnectedness.

In this class we will look at the basic principle of this ancient holistic medicine and how it works on a daily basis through one essential ritual from the dinacharya (daily routine): the Abhyanga, the art of the ayurvedic massage.

Practicing abhyanga regularly provides a profound feeling of stability, strength and well-being. This is in such a literal sense that the Sanskrit word sneha translates to “oil” and/or “love”, therefore, snehana “to oil oneself”, also means “to love oneself”.
Through the daily practice of self-abhyanga, one restores balance to the three doshas, massages the lymphatic system, increases circulation, improves skin tone & balance, increases stamina, calms the nerves, counteracts the effects of aging and cultivates self-love.

Please bring a towel and a yoga mat for the session!