Power of Breath

Power of Breath


Power of Breath a limited edition collaboration by BSGT x KÖPPEN Ayurveda (@itskoppen)

Breath is our eternal connector, and we wanted to create a shirt that illustrated the power of prāna, the universal bioelectric energy the gives life to all manifestation. Prana moves through our bodies and animates our every action, from larger physical movements to minute biochemical processes. It is the thread by which our every life process hangs, including the function of our internal organs to our mental and emotional states.

The front of the shirt simply says “Inner Harmony,” which is an aspiration and also a reflection of what happens when all of our internal pranas are aligned. The back of the shirt lists the five elements, earth, water, fire, air, and space, the ingredients of all manifestation. Next listed are the three doshas, our individual constitutions made up of combinations of the five elements, which are the ways that we can go out of balance and also bring ourselves back into balance. Last are the qualities of prana that pervade the doshas: light, movement, and transformation. These are also the qualities of the gunas, the ropes that make up the subtle forces of manifestation.

This shirt reminds us that feeling and experiencing prāna is feeling and experiencing inner harmony🕊️ 💜

Lots of gratitude for @emmasuze for bringing this design to life.

This is limited edition run of 58 shirts.

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