Darshan and Puja Timings

Monday Siva Abhisheka and Puja 6:30pm

Friday Ganapati Abhisheka and Puja 5:30pm.
This evening program will consist of the traditional worship of Ganapati, along with explanations and instructions on how to perform ritual on your own. For those interested, you can also learn how to assist in preparations, cleaning, and general help at the weekly pujas.
In person, Zoom, and IG live

Daily Darshan Monday thru Friday 4pm-6:30pm

The temple is currently not open on weekends. Please contact us if you are in the city and would like to come for darshan on a Saturday or Sunday, and we will make arrangements if we can.

Sunday, Jan. 29th.
Chanting of Aruna Prashna
6:30-8:30am in-person and online

This ceremony is the chanting of the Surya Namaskara mantras from the Krishna Yajur Veda. There are 132 anuvakas, or paragraphs, of this mantra, each one is concluded by performing one surya namaskar, but an abbreviated version. Participants are needed for the salutations, you need not do them all, but can commit to 12, 24, 36, 48, 52, 108, or all 132!


Mahasivaratri Festival
February 17th-19th

February 17th 5pm-8pm
Kalasha sthapana
Ganapati and Rudra Homa

February 18th 4pm to February 19th 5am
Ekadasha Rudra Abhisheka 4pm
First quarter puja 6:30pm
Second quarter puja 9:30pm
Third quarter puja 12:30am
Fourth quarter puja 3:30am

Kirtan, talks, and musical performances

Donation and Sponsorship